Check out this theoretical breakdown of Pixar’s Inside Out

Pixar's Inside Out will make the Top Ten Films list of almost every one of The Cinema Files' writers.  It's a masterpiece, pure and simple.  So when one of our favorite YouTube expositors, The Nerdwriter, posted a video explaining some of the emotional theory behind the film, we thought it neccessary to share it. Although I really [...]

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Batman v Superman Full Trailer!

If you weren't a believer in the new Batman vs Superman film, Dawn of Justice, this latest full trailer will likely change your mind.   We're treated to some clever writing and appearances by Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, and the only being to beat Superman to death...

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Jack is Back in 2016

After years of hoping and praying, Cartoon Network has finally granted our wish! As of this Wednesday morning, Cartoon Network announced that Samurai Jack will return in 2016. Creator and Executive Producer Genndy Tartakovsky has been hard at work in LA creating an all new season, set to air on Adult Swim's Toonami. You may [...]

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JJ Abrams was on Howard Stern this week & this is what he said

J.J. Abrams was on The Howard Stern Show on Monday, November 30, on Howard Stern’s exclusive SiriusXM channel Howard 100. Here are some clips from the show.   And don't worry, Stern minds his manners during these clips.  In fact it's JJ that lets an F-bomb slip!  For those of us who have doubt on [...]

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Here’s the First Official Trailer for “I Saw the Light” Starring Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Olsen

Sony Pictures Classic has released the first trailer for the biographical drama I Saw the Light. Tom Hiddleston stars as Hank Williams, the country music legend, whose quick rise to fame and unrestrained lifestyle took a toll on his marriage and career, eventually leading to his untimely death at the age of 29. Written and directed [...]

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