2015 IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge: Good things come to those who wait

The IFP Phoenix Breakout film Challenge took place last week, screening a total of 18 completed films, 4 of which were ineligible for awards. The prizes included 12 pre-paid film festival submissions for the 1st place film, 5 for the 2nd place film and 3 for the third. Reminiscent of the Beat The Clock challenge [...]

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Actor Joe Ricciardi to present free screening of feature ‘Come Out Fighting’

After a rough year of production, the locally produced feature film “Come Out Fighting" written by and starring Joe Ricciardi and co-starring Michelle Palermo and Anthony Pavelich has been completed. The public is invited to attend a free screening of the film at 7 pm at the Tempe Pollack Theater. Originally titled 'Recession Road,' 'Come [...]

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2015 Phoenix Comicon Film Festival Awards: Winning films present diverse styles

The 2015 Phoenix Comicon is over and the cosplayers have all gone home. The color and vibrancy that energized the Phoenix Convention Center is no more and the building has returned to its ugly, smelly former state. I can say without hesitation that this has been the best Phoenix Comicon I have attended and I [...]

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Top 5 Arizona short films from Phoenix Comicon 2015

Before we dive into the films, let me clear up a little misunderstanding regarding last years must-see movies. Some of the films I suggested were really rough, and in pretty bad shape. Some moviegoers felt as though they had been deliberately led astray like hapless tourists on a Florida vacation, duped into a bargain basement [...]

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‘Voices From The Grave’: Local indie horror scares up supernatural delights

The locally made horror film “Voices From The Grave” premiered last Friday night at the Tempe Pollack Cinema. Despite the lateness of the screening (9:30 pm, w a y past my bedtime), the premiere was well attended and the theatre filled quickly. Directed by Richard Stoudt and Laurence C. Holloway, “Voices From The Grave” is [...]

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‘Seven Hours In Heaven’: Grown-ups behaving badly leads to serious time out

Written and directed by Kyle Gerkin, the all Arizona made indie feature “Seven Hours In Heaven” premiered on Saturday, March 25 during the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival to a sold out audience. Created and completed with little hype and fanfare, ‘Heaven’ was inspired by the absolutely awful independent film “The Big Ask” (dir. Thomas Beatty) [...]

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‘Unsound’ – Tucson filmmaker shines stark light on tragedy of mental illness

It is quite satisfying to be able to see a short film during a film festival and think out loud: “that needs to be made into a feature” and then realizing my sentiment has either psychically transcended time and space, or was already in the works ages ago. I saw the short film “Seafood Tester” [...]

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‘TangerineLAnd’: Light love story surfs through capitulation, reconciliation

What happens when a group of Arizona filmmakers gets together for a solid week of feature filmmaking? They head to Los Angeles for an intense, 11 day Red Bull™ fueled marathon of movie making. “TangerineLAnd” is the first feature from writer/director/producer Kellen Garner and features a fresh faced cast of indie newcomers. A very contemporary [...]

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‘Duel At The Mound’: Underhanded pitch walks the bases

Duel at the Mound is the latest feature length film from director Travis Mills and Running Wild Films. ‘Mound’ opened the first week of November 2014 and screened for several weekends that month at the Tempe Pollack Cinema. Afterwards it became available as a pay-per-view on Vimeo. ‘Mound’ is currently off the grid as it [...]

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‘Tainted Love’: Love forbidden, love lost in AZ indie biopic

First-time film director Rachel Anderson premiered her film “Tainted Love” on January 8, 2015 at the Tempe Pollack Cinema to a packed house. Written by Anderson as well, ‘Love’ is a largely autobiographical account of Anderson’s relationship with filmmaker Akil Williams and the resistance she encountered as a result of their relationship, ultimately dividing her [...]

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