‘TangerineLAnd’: Light love story surfs through capitulation, reconciliation

What happens when a group of Arizona filmmakers gets together for a solid week of feature filmmaking? They head to Los Angeles for an intense, 11 day Red Bull™ fueled marathon of movie making. “TangerineLAnd” is the first feature from writer/director/producer Kellen Garner and features a fresh faced cast of indie newcomers. A very contemporary [...]

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‘Duel At The Mound’: Underhanded pitch walks the bases

Duel at the Mound is the latest feature length film from director Travis Mills and Running Wild Films. ‘Mound’ opened the first week of November 2014 and screened for several weekends that month at the Tempe Pollack Cinema. Afterwards it became available as a pay-per-view on Vimeo. ‘Mound’ is currently off the grid as it [...]

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‘Tainted Love’: Love forbidden, love lost in AZ indie biopic

First-time film director Rachel Anderson premiered her film “Tainted Love” on January 8, 2015 at the Tempe Pollack Cinema to a packed house. Written by Anderson as well, ‘Love’ is a largely autobiographical account of Anderson’s relationship with filmmaker Akil Williams and the resistance she encountered as a result of their relationship, ultimately dividing her [...]

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‘Disclosed Minds’: Artistic killer seeks revenge and breakfast

This has been a busy week for AZ indie film, with two movie premieres back to back and at opposite ends of Phoenix. Thursday night found me at the Pollack Theater in Tempe and on Friday night I was in North Phoenix at the Super Saver Cinema 8 to catch the premiere of “Disclosed Minds” produced [...]

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‘The Joe Show’ – Documentary focuses on the media, Arpaio is a little fuzzy

After 16 years under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the documentaries are making their way to the big screen at a slow but steady pace. After premiering at the Sedona International Film Festival in February, locally made documentary "The Joe Show" completed a very successful week at the Phoenix Film Festival and is scheduled to screen at several [...]

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‘Night Of The Sea Monkey’: AZ made horror comedy will have you hooked

I saw a lot of great AZ indie films during the Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival held back in May of this year. Many films stood out for me as both a great retrospective on where AZ indie has been, as well as films that pointed in the positive direction AZ indie is going. But [...]

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‘The Men Who Robbed The Bank:’ Slow story leaves rich cast in empty vault

The latest feature length film from the busiest filmmaker in Phoenix, Travis Mills, premiered last Friday, August 30th at the Tempe Pollack Cinema. The third feature film by Mills is quite an accomplishment, considering that while this film was being made, Mills was simultaneously chipping away at creating 52 short films in 52 weeks, while [...]

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‘Speak No Evil’: Tongue-less tots terrorize trailer town

Four years after the release of his first feature film “Deadfall Trail,” (the first film I ever reviewed for Examiner.com) local indie director Ro Ze returns to the big screen with the feature length horror film “Speak No Evil.” The film was shot entirely in Arizona with a cast and crew comprised mainly of local [...]

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Two Americans – 180 degrees of the Arizona immigration issue

I’ll never forget the day the highfalutin filmmakers from “9500 Liberty” blew into town with their incredibly ostentatious offer. Hot on the heels of the success of their new documentary dealing with anti-immigration legislation in Prince William County, Virginia, they had arrived in Phoenix to screen their film and propose the opportunity of a lifetime [...]

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2013 IFP Breakout Film Challenge: Gift basket of film festivals awaits winners

After taking the film challenge helm from departing director Webb Pickersgill, the new IFP Phoenix program directors TJ Houle and Aaron Kes have continued the IFP film challenges without a hiccup or a hitch. Already co-directors Houle and Kes have done a service for the filmmakers by doing away with the required prop, line and [...]

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