Two Americans – 180 degrees of the Arizona immigration issue

I’ll never forget the day the highfalutin filmmakers from “9500 Liberty” blew into town with their incredibly ostentatious offer. Hot on the heels of the success of their new documentary dealing with anti-immigration legislation in Prince William County, Virginia, they had arrived in Phoenix to screen their film and propose the opportunity of a lifetime [...]

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2013 IFP Breakout Film Challenge: Gift basket of film festivals awaits winners

After taking the film challenge helm from departing director Webb Pickersgill, the new IFP Phoenix program directors TJ Houle and Aaron Kes have continued the IFP film challenges without a hiccup or a hitch. Already co-directors Houle and Kes have done a service for the filmmakers by doing away with the required prop, line and [...]

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‘Shouting Secrets’: Desert dreams beckon Swiss filmmaker to Arizona

Swiss filmmaker Korinna Sheringer had everything she needed for her independent feature; a good story, a great script and the makings of an enjoyable film incorporating minimal locations and lots of engaging dialog: a dysfunctional family reunites, only under the most tragic of circumstances, creating an explosive, emotional reunion filled with anger and eventual forgiveness [...]

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‘Love a la Carte’: What’s love got to do with it

After four years of on-again off-again production, “Love a la Carte” directed by Tim McSpadden, has finally been completed and presented on the big screen. “Love a la Carte” premiered at the Super Saver Cinemas-8 on Saturday, February 4. A long time labor of love for director McSpadden, “Love a la Carte” began pre-production back in [...]

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2013 Desperado LGBT Film Festival Short Films: A fistful of movies

With eleven films to see and review, the 2013 lineup of short films screened at the Desperado LGBT film festival on Saturday, January 26 provided an opportunity to experience a newer and more optimistic side of LGBT filmmaking. Previous festivals offered a bevy of films dealing with acceptance, politics and gay rights, especially when gay [...]

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‘New World Order’: End of times Phoenix and a bleak biblical future

Faith-based films have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, beginning long ago when I would watch Davey and Goliath on Sunday mornings. Despite the warnings of his talking dog(?), Davey would derail trains, poison wells, burn down cities and cause grievous bodily injury to his best friends. But when it was over, Davey would [...]

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‘Wages of Sin’: Cute coed kidnapped by Sigmund Freud

The Presscott Film Festival has provided the best opportunity so far to observe indie film from across the US, and the globe for that matter. This year, I deliberately avoided many of the AZ indies (I’ve seen them already anyways) and sought out low budget, indie features from filmmakers I have never heard of. I [...]

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‘The Immigration Paradox:’ History of immigration in a PowerPoint presentation

Filmmaker Lourdes Lee Vasquez ventured downtown with her camera one day, hoping to capture some memorable footage of an immigration protest that happened to be taking place. When she arrived, Vasquez discovered (just as myself and several of my fellow film students did) that there is no fence to sit on, from whence a documentary [...]

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‘Copper Wind’: All-Arizona made western film premieres at Herberger Theatre

Arizona filmmaker Chaz Lee won't take ‘no’ for an answer, he won’t shirk a task and he wouldn’t let anything keep him from making his all-Arizona western film “Copper Wind,” or stop him from premiering it last Friday night at the Herberger Theatre in downtown Phoenix. From the get go, this was a project so overwhelming [...]

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‘Small, Beautifully Moving Parts’ – Discovering mothers and motherhood in Arizona

“Small, Beautifully Moving Parts” is an independent film by New York filmmakers Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson. The film screened at the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival back in April and has continued a successful film festival run, garnering accolades and awards ranging from Best Actress (Anna Margaret Hollyman) at the Fargo Film Festival and [...]

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