Review: “Table 19”

“Table 19” – Weddings receptions are fun!  During a well-planned afternoon or evening, a great wedding reception can shower its guests with tasty food, adult beverages, music, dancing, laughter, and love.  Who wouldn’t love this celebration of love? Well, those sitting at Table 19, who are placed in the furthest back corner of the ballroom.  [...]

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Movie Review: “Get Out”

During the four-year run of the “Key and Peele” show, a few things became undeniable.  These guys were true cinephiles and their keen insight on current racial topics was matched only by their sharp wit.  They brought the show to an arguably premature end in 2015 to pursue other opportunities, the first of this being [...]

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Review: “The Great Wall”

“The Great Wall” – A lifelong thief (Matt Damon) and his equally shifty friend (Pedro Pascal) run through China’s mountainous desert and search for the weapon of their dreams.  Black powder.  They communicate with few words along with some occasional grunts and resemble a pair of mangy characters straight out of the “Conan the Barbarian” [...]

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Review: “Fist Fight”

“Fist Fight” - During my high school days, two events would whip the students into a frenzy. Guaranteed. A basketball game in our school’s gym and a fist fight somewhere on campus.  The former might occur 10 times a year, and the latter could be the same number as well.  The difference is that the [...]

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Review: “A United Kingdom”

“A United Kingdom” – Effective love stories stir emotion.  Effective historical dramas help enlighten. In a recent interview, David Oyelowo (“Selma” (2014), “A Most Violent Year” (2014)) said that after reading the book “Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation”, he wanted to play Seretse Khama on the big screen and then [...]

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Arizona Filmmaker Showcase January – Shady shaved innocence bleeds alone

The first Arizona Filmmaker Showcase of 2017 took place the last Sunday of January with five films screening at Filmbar Phoenix. If there was any underlying theme tying these films together it was too subtle for anyone to notice. Some films never die while others find new life at the Arizona Filmmaker Showcase. Be sure [...]

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Review: “John Wick Chapter 2”

Keanu Reeves returns as the unstoppable assassin John Wick in the sequel to his only other successful action franchise since “The Matrix.”  Will this second chapter betray everything that made the first one unique or will it join the exclusive club of sequels that surpassed their predecessors?   Among the many things that made the [...]

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Review: “The Lure”

“The Lure” – Mermaid movies are almost as rare as reported sightings of the finned-ladies of the sea.  Arguably, the most famous mermaid film within the last fifty years is the comedy/romance “Splash” (1984), but Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” (1989) could be a close second.  Now, I did see “Mermaids” in the theatre back in [...]

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‘The Covenant’ – Lucifer springs internal in AZ indie horror

Director Robert Conway presented his latest horror film 'The Covenant' at a free screening on Saturday. Held at Sun Studios in Tempe, the screening provided an opportunity for cast, crew and the general public to view Conway's latest film before becoming available on VOD February 7. Leukemia suffering Elisabeth (Amelia Haberman) drowns in the bathtub and [...]

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Review: The Lego Batman Movie

I have always felt that 2014's The Lego Movie was a bit revolutionary.  It combined several different franchises that Warner Bros owns in LEGO form while having an endlessly clever and endlessly funny story.  It was one of the first films that took what was certain to be nothing but a big commercial for LEGO [...]

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