‘Shouting Secrets’: Desert dreams beckon Swiss filmmaker to Arizona

Swiss filmmaker Korinna Sheringer had everything she needed for her independent feature; a good story, a great script and the makings of an enjoyable film incorporating minimal locations and lots of engaging dialog: a dysfunctional family reunites, only under the most tragic of circumstances, creating an explosive, emotional reunion filled with anger and eventual forgiveness [...]

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‘Love a la Carte’: What’s love got to do with it

After four years of on-again off-again production, “Love a la Carte” directed by Tim McSpadden, has finally been completed and presented on the big screen. “Love a la Carte” premiered at the Super Saver Cinemas-8 on Saturday, February 4. A long time labor of love for director McSpadden, “Love a la Carte” began pre-production back in [...]

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2013 Desperado LGBT Film Festival Short Films: A fistful of movies

With eleven films to see and review, the 2013 lineup of short films screened at the Desperado LGBT film festival on Saturday, January 26 provided an opportunity to experience a newer and more optimistic side of LGBT filmmaking. Previous festivals offered a bevy of films dealing with acceptance, politics and gay rights, especially when gay [...]

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