Review: “Black Sea”

This blue-collar, underwater thriller isn’t perfect, but it’s the best submarine flick in years.  Suddenly without a job, Captain Robinson (Jude Law) finds the world no longer values his skill as a submariner.  After 11 years with one oceanic scrap company he is abruptly informed that the industry has changed and his experience has become [...]

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Review: “Project Almanac”

A clever film that is weakened by its genre and a nonsensical ending.   “Found Footage” flicks continue to be a dime a dozen.  Last year we had a few surprises that elevated the genre, but for the most part it’s just cheap filmmaking.  “Project Almanac” falls into this latter category.  The hand-filmed POV shots [...]

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Review: “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis”

There has been a significant movement to revive the image of the superhero Aquaman as a serious character. For more than 30 years the Marine Marvel in Orange was considered to be the laughing stock of the Justice League, mostly thanks to the Super Friends cartoon series of the late 70′s. His recent renaissance started [...]

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Review: “The Boy Next Door”

A mommy-porn thriller that seems as if it was written by a 15-year old with a cookie obsession. There’s a subgenre of thrillers that puts a woman in grave peril which she must then single handedly overcome.  Typically these films are meant to empower women, but more often than not, the plots reduce them to [...]

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‘Tainted Love’: Love forbidden, love lost in AZ indie biopic

First-time film director Rachel Anderson premiered her film “Tainted Love” on January 8, 2015 at the Tempe Pollack Cinema to a packed house. Written by Anderson as well, ‘Love’ is a largely autobiographical account of Anderson’s relationship with filmmaker Akil Williams and the resistance she encountered as a result of their relationship, ultimately dividing her [...]

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Review: “Spare Parts”

An inspiring true story about that is even more impressive than the movie lets on. By now, audiences have been subjected to a dizzying number of inspiring high-school and college sports stories, most revolving around football in bible belt towns.  But what hope is there for the non-jocks?  The kids fighting an uphill battle that [...]

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Review: “Blackhat”

A film dripping with Michael Mann’s style but lacking a decent script to support it.   Hacker movies can be fun, but they all suffer from similar issues.  If it’s realistic, it’s likely to be boring or overly technical.  The flipside is the action packed, entertaining, flicks tend to abandon all logic and feature far [...]

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Review: “The Wedding Ringer”

There’s a surprisingly amount of Hart, er.. heart, in this hilarious bromance. Kevin Hart must have a great agent.  He’s popping up everywhere these days.  Besides a few commercials, and his standup, he was in SIX 2014 movies!  This is the first time he’s had a leading role, (unless you count “Ride Along”) and the [...]

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Review: “American Sniper”

A fascinating movie that chronicles Chris Kyle’s military career and the demons it left him with. What’s it like to be a celebrated War Hero?  Respected by a nation, admired by many, envied by the naive.  Chris Kyle is known as the most lethal sniper in US history, with over 160 confirmed kills over the [...]

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‘Disclosed Minds’: Artistic killer seeks revenge and breakfast

This has been a busy week for AZ indie film, with two movie premieres back to back and at opposite ends of Phoenix. Thursday night found me at the Pollack Theater in Tempe and on Friday night I was in North Phoenix at the Super Saver Cinema 8 to catch the premiere of “Disclosed Minds” produced [...]

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