If you enjoy wrapping your brain around Time-Travel paradox tales that are more cerebral than action packed, then this is the movie for you!


Directors Michael & Peter Spierig once again team up with Ethan Hawke in this trippy, time-travel tale.  Their previous project, “Daybreakers”, was interesting but rather flawed.  It appears they’ve spent the past five years refining this script into something unique and streamlined.


The pre-credit sequence is rather tense and contains the most action of the film.  It is quite an effective hook, drawing audiences in.  What can we expect next??  After the opening credits roll we are suddenly presented with what appears to be an entirely different film.  It’s simple, quiet, just a few people telling stories in a bar.  But these stories span many years, and are incredibly involving.  As the movie progresses we begin to see strange, intertwining events, occurring within their stories. Who are these people really?  How and why are their fates intertwined?  Where is this movie going?  By the time the film is over, all questions are answered.  This is one story that does not ignore its loose ends with an ambiguous ending.


The visual style is quite engaging, if a bit muted at times.  There are a number of fascinating flashbacks, and each has a slightly different, yet accurate, style.  It’s tempting to call this a “minimalist” film, especially after the ending reveals, but that doesn’t seem a fair assessment given the attention to detail.  The movie’s only real disappointment is that it hints too heavily at its final outcome.  There are a number of tiny details that go unnoticed until a second viewing, which would have been great on their own, but after a number of heavy handed hints, the final reveal isn’t much of a surprise.


“Predestination” might not be for everyone.  Some may be disturbed by the story, or disappointed by the lack of action, but it is quite unique, and that’s a rare treat.  A great example of the virtues of independent cinema, be sure to give this a shot if you’re into good, mind-bending, sci-fi.