Review: “It Follows”

“It Follows” is one of the best independent horror films in decades. Relative newcomer David Robert Mitchell both wrote and directed this psychological masterpiece and is able to generate a consistent level of dread without a gratuitous amount of special effects or violence. That’s not to say there aren’t any payoffs, there certainly are, but [...]

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‘Unsound’ – Tucson filmmaker shines stark light on tragedy of mental illness

It is quite satisfying to be able to see a short film during a film festival and think out loud: “that needs to be made into a feature” and then realizing my sentiment has either psychically transcended time and space, or was already in the works ages ago. I saw the short film “Seafood Tester” [...]

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‘TangerineLAnd’: Light love story surfs through capitulation, reconciliation

What happens when a group of Arizona filmmakers gets together for a solid week of feature filmmaking? They head to Los Angeles for an intense, 11 day Red Bull™ fueled marathon of movie making. “TangerineLAnd” is the first feature from writer/director/producer Kellen Garner and features a fresh faced cast of indie newcomers. A very contemporary [...]

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Review: “The Salvation”

So much awesome potential, but never fully realizes it. How many westerns feature a Bond Girl (Eva Green), and not one but TWO Bond Villains (Mads Mikkelsen & Jonathan Pryce)?  And let’s not forget Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing one of the meanest SOBs he’s done yet.  Have your attention yet? Set in America, but filmed [...]

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Review: “Run All Night”

Why does no one care about good scripts anymore?  Pairing Liam Neeson and Ed Harris on screen in a gritty crime drama is genius. These two aging badasses bring with them such strong screen presences that you would think the scenes would write themselves.  And yes,the few moments they share on screen together are great, [...]

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Review: “Cinderella”

Disney sadly continues their latest money grab of releasing live action versions of their beloved animated classics.   Let’s face it.  If you have a young daughter, and/or you personally love Disney, you WILL go see this film.  It’s basic economics for Disney.  Create a new or live action version of an existing classic, and [...]

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Review: “Chappie”

There is not a single unique idea in this film, but that shouldn’t stop you from thoroughly enjoying it. It’s clear from the trailers that “Chappie” is a mash-up of a number of film concepts we have seen before.  Most noteable it bears a striking resemblance to “Short Circuit”, “Robocop”, and the “Metal Gear Solid” [...]

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