Review: “Avengers:The Age of Ultron”

An epic comic spectacle that is both surprisingly funny and poetic. Joss Whedon has accomplished the impossible.  After creating 2012’s universally adored “The Avengers”, (an amazing feat in itself) he has followed up with an even bigger spectacle, with a larger ensemble cast, and somehow, even more more heart and character development.  When you scroll [...]

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Review: “Clouds of Sils Maria”

Interesting concepts, great performances, and a narcolepsy inducing third act. Juliette Binoche headlines this film as Maria Enders, an aging and respected star of both stage and cinema.  In her 40s now, she is approached by a respected director to once again star in the play that made her a star.  This time however, she [...]

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Review: “The Age of Adaline”

This modern day fairytale has a lot of charm, but the rather unlikable heroine offsets the emotional center of the film to a secondary character. A narrator helps guides us through this tale of magic(science?) and lost love.  He explains how a series of miraculous events makes Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) immune to the ravages [...]

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Review: “Ex Machina”

One of the best Sci-Fi films in years. The science fiction genre can be divided into two halfs.  First is the futuristic adventures full of lasers and aliens; fun popcorn fare such as “Star Wars” or “Independence Day.”  The other side of this coin is the darker, more cerebral tales.  Stories that use futuristic technology [...]

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‘Voices From The Grave’: Local indie horror scares up supernatural delights

The locally made horror film “Voices From The Grave” premiered last Friday night at the Tempe Pollack Cinema. Despite the lateness of the screening (9:30 pm, w a y past my bedtime), the premiere was well attended and the theatre filled quickly. Directed by Richard Stoudt and Laurence C. Holloway, “Voices From The Grave” is [...]

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Review: “Batman vs Robin”

In a follow-up to its highly successful Batman & Son animated feature, WB Animation and DC Entertainment have released their adaptation of Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls saga. In an obvious attempt to make the film more marketable, they opted for the name of Batman VS Robin (Although it is odd that they would go [...]

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Review: “Woman in Gold”

Films based on true stories can be dull. But not when they are crafted as masterfully as this. “Woman in Gold” refers to a world famous Gustav Klimt painting, “Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I”, which came to be known as the Austrian Mona Lisa. Proudly displayed in Vienna’s renowned Belvedere Gallery, the subject of this [...]

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Review: “Furious 7”

Ridiculous…Yet Furiously Entertaining! There truly isn’t a better word to describe “Furious 7” than ridiculous.   There has not existed another film that is so gleefully over-the-top and fun.  There are moments that the action or dialogue dips a tad too far into silliness, but it’s just so much fun that we don’t care!  The most [...]

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‘Seven Hours In Heaven’: Grown-ups behaving badly leads to serious time out

Written and directed by Kyle Gerkin, the all Arizona made indie feature “Seven Hours In Heaven” premiered on Saturday, March 25 during the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival to a sold out audience. Created and completed with little hype and fanfare, ‘Heaven’ was inspired by the absolutely awful independent film “The Big Ask” (dir. Thomas Beatty) [...]

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