Ridiculous…Yet Furiously Entertaining!


There truly isn’t a better word to describe “Furious 7” than ridiculous.   There has not existed another film that is so gleefully over-the-top and fun.  There are moments that the action or dialogue dips a tad too far into silliness, but it’s just so much fun that we don’t care!  The most humorous and self aware in the series, #7 opens with something we rarely see, the aftermath of a character’s attack has he exits a building.  It immediately sets the tone for what will be one hell of a ride.  


The series started out as a street racing crime action-“drama”, dipped to a low with the lame “Tokyo Drift” (effectively Fast 6.5), before reinventing itself as an ensemble buddy flick, then a heist film, then straight up action flick, and now a globetrotting secret agent movie! (seriously!)  There’s black-ops assassins, a shadowy government agency, spy gear, and a wonderfully named MacGuffin, “The God’s Eye.”  Popcorn flicks don’t get much better than this folks.


The already amazing cast, has a few great additions this time.  Jason Statham is the main antagonist. Kurt Russell is a head honcho in this secret US organization of shadow hunters.  Gorgeous Game of thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel appears as the prettiest hacker you’ll ever meet. Djimon Hounsou shows up playing a bad dude as only he can.  And finally, the amazing Tony Jaa makes his American film debut.  The only disappointment is a seriously awkward and forced cameo by Iggy Azalea. (She should stick to rapping.)  


Fright master James Wan takes over the directorial duties on this edition in the series, and does an amazing job. Fight scenes are expertly choreographed, although this might be the beginning of “spin-shot” overuse.  (You’ll know it when you see it.) After watching the film, you’d be amazed to learn how much of the insanity you are witnessing are actually practical effects and not CGI.  For a taste of this, be sure to check out the video we’ve posted below.  


If you’ve enjoyed any of the previous six films, you will absolutely love this one.  It’s non-stop, insane, over-the-top fun.  This movie is what the last few Expendable films desperately  wanted to be, but didn’t even come close to achieving.

Note: After Paul Walker’s passing in late 2013, the studio halted production on “Furious 7” and said they wanted to finish the film in a manner that was respectful to Walker’s memory.  For such a silly movie, they managed to accomplish this and it ends with a satisfyingly touching tribute sequence.

Furious 7