Review: “Good Kill”

Sober and thought provoking, “Good Kill” doesn’t stretch its talented cast’s acting limits, but does make us question the moralities of modern warfare. Opening with the note that it’s “based on actual events”, writer/director Andrew Niccol’s latest film “Good Kill” tells the story of American Soldiers based in Nevada who are killing suspected Taliban members [...]

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Review: “Tomorrowland”

A wonderful message that is smothered by a messy final act of preaching and contrivances. Based on the talent involved, this could have been a truly incredible film.  Disney produced and directed by Brad Bird, who also shared in screenwriting duties with  Damon Lindelof, how could this not be a home run?  Like Lindelof’s “Lost”, [...]

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Top 5 Arizona short films from Phoenix Comicon 2015

Before we dive into the films, let me clear up a little misunderstanding regarding last years must-see movies. Some of the films I suggested were really rough, and in pretty bad shape. Some moviegoers felt as though they had been deliberately led astray like hapless tourists on a Florida vacation, duped into a bargain basement [...]

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Review: “Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts”

An animated DC feature that is fun for all ages. The last few DC animated films have been excellent, but increasingly more adult in nature.  While they play towards the darker elements of Batman’s lore, they tend to neglect the younger generation of Bat-Fans. WB animation has wisely just released “Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts”, a [...]

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