During the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Kevin had a chance to chat, and drink, with the talent behind the hilarious Comedy Central show, “Drunk History.”   The full video is at the bottom of the article, or click the time codes under each photo to jump to that portion of the interview.

IMG_2443_compressedDerek Waters & Jeremy Konner (0:00)

First up were executive producers Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner.  Some of the more grounded questions revolve around what types of stories they prefer to do, and what if any, subjects they will never cover…  Then Ref Kevin dumped a big bag of booze on the table. (You can jump to that part in the video HERE)

IMG_2519_compressedPaget Brewster & Terran Killam  (0:00)

Next, guest stars Paget Brewster and Terran Killam stopped by the table, and the frivolity continued with Killam stating “Lorne (Michaels) is an asshole!” Ref Kevin originally thought this statement was levied at Media Maven Lauren who was taking photos nearby, but the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up over a small bottle of whiskey.  Paget and Terran discussed some technical aspects of filming the reenactments, and then commented on the educational value of the series, especially in comparison to the modern school system.

If you have never watched the show, The Refs cannot recommend it enough!  It’s both hilarious and enlightening, something that is rare these days.  For a quick taste of the show, check out one of Terran Killam’s episodes below: