After a rough year of production, the locally produced feature film “Come Out Fighting” written by and starring Joe Ricciardi and co-starring Michelle Palermo and Anthony Pavelich has been completed. The public is invited to attend a free screening of the film at 7 pm at the Tempe Pollack Theater. Originally titled ‘Recession Road,’ ‘Come Out Fighting’ follows the story of Jazz, (Joe Ricciardi) a hardworking man who is down on his luck. He has bills to pay and places to go, but with a country in deep recession he finds that jobs are in short supply. Jazz rescues a chronic gambler named Freddie (Anthony Pavelich) from being attacked by a gang of thugs and thus begins an unlikely friendship, as Freddie lures Jazz into the violently lucrative and colorfully bizarre world of underground fighting. Richard Ryan plays Duke Sutton, a notorious fight promoter assisted by his ruthless spouse Milana played by Katrina Matusek Ryan.

Ricciardi explained the concept behind making a film set during the recession. “I wanted to make a fun, feel good throw back 70’s and 80’s type film” Ricciardi said “I wanted to make the characters average people struggling through life. Jazz is NOT a super hero – he bleeds, gets knocked down – these are just blue collar small town tough guys fighting. No kicks, flips and gymnastics. Realism.”

Ricciardi explained why the screening is being provided free of charge and open to the public; “I’m doing the screening for the cast and crew and investors, but mostly for the cast so they can see their hard work. I then decided to let the public come and see it for free, why not? I’m looking forward to comments at the end and crowd reaction, good or bad. Why should I charge?” Ricciardi also hopes his completed feature film will inspire other filmmakers. “I’d like to see people who have a dream on paper go after it and make it happen” Ricciardi said “To find a way (to complete the film) and don’t let the money get in the way. I have another Indie possibly coming up soon I will be producing and staring, Written by a talented friend of mine from L.A.”

As for the future plans for his ambitious feature, Ricciardi explained “Let’s see how it plays out on Saturday. I have a number of distributors who have an interest in it. My hope is it would find an audience overseas. Here (U.S.) would be great, but it’s a tough market. So again, overseas (distribution) and I’d be happy.” A short Q&A session with the cast and crew will take place immediately following the screening.