Big news for MST3K fans! Felicia Day is next in line to don the lab coat, as the Mad Scientist who taunts, tortures, and terrorizes the new host, Jonah Ray on the Satellite of Love.

If you’re unfamiliar with with Mystery Science Theater 3000, or somehow forgot about it (shame on you), heres a little background info: Mystery Science Theater 3000, aka MST3K, was a comedy series started by Joel Hodgson in 1988. It aired from 88-99, and featured a man, Joel Hodgson; who was later replaced by Mike Nelson, and his robot friends; Crow T Robot and Tom Servo, who live aboard a space ship “The Satellite of Love”. While there, evil scientists vying for world domination,  forced the host and the captive robots to watch cheesy B-movies and perform skits as a means to drive them crazy.
As of this month, a kickstarter  has been launched to revive one of the most beloved cult shows ever. So far, MST3k campaign has raised over $2,000,000 to produce another full season of cheesy goodness. There’s still time to show your support, head on over to kickstarter to back this project.
click the link BRING BACK MST3K  you know you want to