The 1st Captain America: Civil War Trailer is HERE

The trailer showcases the titular Captain America's strained relationship with his old partner Bucky — a friendship that puts him at odds with the U.S. government, as well as fellow Avenger Iron Man. You can check it out for yourself in video below.

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Tremors Is Back & So Is Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon will reprise his role as Valentine McKee for the upcoming Tremors tv series, based on the 1990s cult classic. Bacon will also be stepping in as Executive Producer of the Universal Cable and Blumhouse Production. No plot details have been revealed yet, but it appears the series will take place in the original [...]

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Sherlock Christmas Special, Extended Trailer & Character Promos

The next episode of Sherlock is in the works and BBC has released an extended trailer for their 2016 Sherlock Christmas Special, along with character promo photos. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have revealed to Digital Spy during MCM London Comic Con that the Victorian themed episode titled The Abominable Bride  "is mostly an original story, [...]

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New DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer

DC/CW has released a new trailer and announced the premiere for its Arrow/Flash spin-off series: Legends of Tomorrow.  This trailer sheds a ton of light on what the series is going to be about.  We can only hope that the dialogue is better than Arrow or Supergirl.  Here's the premise: In 2166, immortal DC staple villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) rules [...]

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What if the band Creed reviewed the movie ‘Creed?’ Watch it now!

The folks over at Funny or Die! have done what many were thinking.  They had the lead singer of the band Creed review the film 'Creed,' with Scott Stapp being disappointed that it wasn't about his band.     Once in the City of Brotherly Love, Adonis tracks Rocky (Stallone) down and asks him to [...]

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First Look At Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, 2015

The BBC has just released photos for the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special. I'm happy to report that River Song (Alex Kingston) will be joining The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) once again, for an unforgettable adventure this holiday season. Moffat revealed this episode takes place immediately after "The Angels Take Manhattan" and River doesn't recognize her beloved [...]

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The new Zootopia trailer

Disney has posted the trailer for their next animated feature, Zootopia.  Here's the synopsis: In the animal city of Zootopia, a fast-talking fox who's trying to make it big goes on the run when he's framed for a crime he didn't commit. Zootopia's top cop, a self-righteous rabbit, is hot on his tail, but when [...]

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Felicia Day Joins The Cast Of MST3K

Big news for MST3K fans! Felicia Day is next in line to don the lab coat, as the Mad Scientist who taunts, tortures, and terrorizes the new host, Jonah Ray on the Satellite of Love. If you're unfamiliar with with Mystery Science Theater 3000, or somehow forgot about it (shame on you), heres a little [...]

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