UPDATE (12/24 11:45AM):  Looks like it was too good to be true.  Kylo Ren is actually saying “curses,” a phrase he uses whenever a barrel explodes on him.  In the clip used, it just happens to line up perfectly. Let the speculation continue…

Thanks to the sharp guys over at IKWIZ.COM we now know for sure who Rey’s parents are.
Last week, the new “The Force Awakens” playset expansion was released for Disney Infinity 3.0.  At one point during gameplay, Kylo Ren shouts out a taunting line to Rey that confirms who her parents are.  While this may seem like an odd source for such a confirmation, keep in mind that everything produced by Disney regarding these characters is considered to be canon.  A bit of dialog like that would not be written, recorded, and included in the game on a whim.  More than likely, at some point during production this revelation was going to be part of Episode VII.

Still want to know who she is?  Click the video below and let us know what you think!