Disney’s newest animated feature, Zootopia, looks like it’s going to be another creative win for the Disney animation team.  Although I’ve seen the previous ‘sloth’ trailer too many times for it to be funny anymore (they play it in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I’ve seen that 3 times now), this next trailer is showing how absolutely creative the film will be.  It’s being directed by the fellas that did Wreck-it Ralph, so my excitement is kind off the charts.

The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, it’s a melting pot where animals from every environment live together—a place where no matter what you are, from the biggest elephant to the smallest shrew, you can be anything. But when rookie Officer Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) arrives, she discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde (voice of Jason Bateman), to solve the mystery. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Zootopia,” a comedy-adventure directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore and co-directed by Jared Bush, opens in theaters on March 4, 2016.