Although it didn’t start off great, 2015 ended up being an amazing year in film.
Scroll through the slideshows below to see what each of our writers considered some of the best and worst films of 2015.
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Kevin Kittle

Frequently, my choices for “best” films and “favorite” films do not line up.  Sure, there are definitely movies that appear on each, but often, what I may consider to be the “best” film of the year, is one I may not enjoy or ever want to watch again.  Just because I can indetify that a movie is perfectly made, does not mean that it was an enjoyable experience.  Two examples of films like theses would be “12 Years a Slave” and this year’s “Room.”  I raved about both of these films, and encouraged others to see them, but I likely wont be revisiting them myself for a very long time.  For my Top 10 list this year, I’ve decided to focus on my favorite film experiences.  Sure, some of them are a bit flawed, and some are still dark, but they all left me with the most fulfilling experiences, relatively speaking.  I believe a critic’s choice of “favorite” films gives better insight into their perspective as an audience member.

Dan Silva

Jeff Mitchell

Lauren Pitts

Sarah Villela