If you enjoy horror anthology films, then “Southbound” is not to be missed.  Unique and disturbing in the best possible way, this collection of shorts are woven together with a common thread.  The overarching story is satisfying but still ambiguous enough to haunt your mind for days afterwards.

We had the chance to talk with the directors behind two of our favorite segments, David Bruckner (“Accident”)  and the four man team Radio Silence (“The Way Out/In”)   These talented writer/directors previously teamed up on the the V/H/S series, another great anthology, but one that was less coherent than “Southbound”


In our chat with David Bruckner we discuss his inspiration behind “Accident”, his interpretation of what the highway in “Southbound” represents, and what nightmares mean to him.  Fans of his chilling short “Amateur Night” from V/H/S will be happy to know that a feature length version is already in production.


In part two of our interview we chat with all four guys that make up Radio Silence.  They got their filmmaking start with a successful series of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Youtube shorts under the moniker Chad Matt & Rob (If you haven’t seen these before, you’re in for a treat!)  Prior to “Southbound” they also were a part of the V/H/S creative force, producing the impressive 10/31/98 short.