When’s the last time you watched a film dubbed in french in silly voices, compiled completely of segments of 80s porn and B movies spliced together?  If you haven’t been frightened off by that sentence, then here is why you too, should go “In Search of the Ultra-Sex”


Imagine a world where lust and sexual passion suddenly cannot be controlled.  World Leaders and socialites are unable to finish an interview or get their car serviced without being distracted by carnal desires.  This pandemic quickly encompasses the globe, and mankind’s fate rests solely in the hands of a few nearby starships. (Including one with a control room smartly furnished with barstools)  Writers/Directors/Voice Actors Nicolas Charlet & Bruno Lavaine bring this insane world to life by combining a myriad of bad film clips.


The humor and charm of “L’Utlra Sex” lies evenly dispersed between their silly dialogue and the even more silly sets/costumes/and performances of the retro porn.  The film feels like the mutant offspring of Robot Chicken, MST3K, and late night Cinemax who was then kidnapped and raised in the Moulin Rouge.  


The main flaw in a film like this, is when the source material becomes more interesting than the new ensemble.  The frightening “toy store” and “Japanese office” excerpts are perfect examples.  They don’t fit the “plot” as well as the other clips and are so jarringly weird, we immediately want to know more about THAT film.  A large paragraph in the final credits lists all sources used, but it’s no easy task to track down a 60 second segment in a one hour film.  

“In Search of the Ultra Sex” is far more humorous than it is graphic.  The editors wisely cut away before anything gets too wild. And while certainly not for everyone, this brisk flick is a lot of fun, easily digested, and best taken with tongue firmly placed in cheek and while slightly inebriated.

“In Search of the Ultra Sex” is headlining the FOUND MADNESS program during the Cinedelphia Film Festival this Saturday, April 16.  Tickets are available HERE.

In Search of the Ultra-Sex