I think everyone thought it was a joke when it was announced that a movie was being made for one of the best selling mobile games of all time, Angry Birds. I personally stopped playing the games a few years ago, with the exception of dabbling in the Star Wars versions of the game briefly. But, Rovio, the company that is behind the upset fowl, seems to think that its best days are a ahead of it.

I really think we are in a Masters of the Universe situation here (beware, this is an 80’s reference), where the movie came out a few years after the He-Man franchise had peaked. However, we will see how this film does at the box office to test this theory.



The voice cast of the film is pretty great, most of them being straight from Saturday Night Live. They are really able to provide an ‘animated’ performance, which is kind of what anchors this movie.

The script is pretty tight, which basically means that there aren’t any dull moments and it never feels rushed or bogged down at any point. And there really aren’t any plot holes, as long as you accept the premise of the story. They even try to ‘bring it home’ with a few touching character moments.


If you’ve seen the trailers for this movie, you have an idea of the type of humor it relies on to get its laughs. It’s very low-brow/potty humor oriented. I found very little of it to be funny or clever, but I suppose I’m not the target audience for the movie. However, I did end up taking my 7-year-old daughter to the screening, and I was a bit uncomfortable at some of the humor that I was exposing her to.



The Angry Birds has some clever moments and is never dull, but its reliance on low-brow/potty humor really brought the movie down as a whole. If I could do it over, I wouldn’t have taken my daughter to the screening.

2.5/5 Stars