The 2016 Phoenix Comicon has come and gone, and while fun as always, this year it was a bit of a mixed bag.  Regardless, it was a success, hitting a new record high attendance of 106,096!  Check out our photo-gallery below, and we’ll see you next year!


  • Even larger than previous years with more to do!
  • Scheduled cosplayer appearances at the free photo booth.
  • Food trucks were relocated to Adam’s street, which was shut down to create a daily block party.
  • A great, wide, selection of panels to cover all interests.
  • Thursday is now a full day! Not just Preview Day as in previous years.


  • No A-list guest appearances this year.
  • A number of guests canceled at the last moment or left the event early.
  • Friday registration lines. (By all accounts a one time fluke that will not happen again).
  • It was almost impossible to get photos at the free photo booth WITHOUT a scheduled cosplayer.  Very disappointed, and many people missed out on their annual family/group photos.
  • Too many signature events were scheduled for the same time on Friday night. Not enough signature events scheduled on Saturday night.
  • Autograph schedule for guests left a lot to be desired.  Many were only signing at 10:30 in the morning.  Others had to leave people in line while they ran off to do photo ops.