Morris From America” is a coming of age story about 13 yr old Morris Gentry and his recent move to Heidelberg, Germany with is Father, Curtis. Morris has big dreams of becoming a rapper; like his idol Notorious B.I.G.,  but making it as a hip-hop star while immersed in Germany’s ever growing EDM trend, proves to be more difficult than his young mind could fathom. Language barriers, typical teenage shenanigans, and falling for the older, cool girl at school, leave the unsuspecting, yet determined Morris with more distractions than he can handle.

Morris From America” grabbed 2 awards when it premiered at Sundance and has been nominated for 5 more at various film festivals across the nation. I had the pleasure of seeing “Morris From America” when it premiered at Phoenix Film Festival back in April and was blown away by Markees Christmas (Morris) performance in his first feature.  This film is smart, hilarious, and full of heart,  I have no doubt that “Morris From America” will garner more awards as the year progresses. A24, the independent studio behind the film, has been cranking out some top quality content since it was founded in 2012.
Keep an eye out for “Morris From America” and future A24 productions.




Written and Directed by Chad Hartigan
Starring Craig Robinson, Carla Juri, Lina Keller
and Introducing Markees Christmas

MORRIS FROM AMERICA will  be available exclusively on DIRECTV beginning July 7th and opens theatrically in select cities on  August 19th