After the AMAZING last episode entitled “Battle of the Bastards,” there is only a single episode left!
For many, Season 6 was a frightening prospect.  George R.R. Martin was so far behind that HBO decided to go ahead without him.  While the series wasn’t known for being a faithful adaptation to the books, this would be an entirely new beast!  Would they move forward with a compelling story, or stall even further, as they had been accused of doing on season 5?

Thankfully, many are dubbing Season 6 as the best in the series!  Hitting a high point last week, what could possibly be in store for the finale!?  Perhaps these photos can provide some clues.  Take a look and let us hear your theories!  Will we be cheering or crying as the credits role Sunday night’s “The Winds of Winter”?

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The Season Finale of GAME OF THRONES airs June 26th 9 pm ET/PT, only on HBO
New GoT episodes will also be available to stream via HBO NOW and HBO GO and you can still catch up on previous seasons of Game of Thrones via both platforms.