To celebrate surpassing 1000 Facebook followers we are having a month of Exclusive giveaways provided by Diamond Select Toys!  Check the lineup below and keep an eye on our Facebook page for each week’s giveaway link.

FINAL WEEK – Light & Sound Starship Enterprise Signed by Nichelle Nichols (Uhura)

The crowned jewel of our giveaways, this is a rare item indeed!  As Nichelle signed it, both her and her manager asked if they could keep it!  Featuring lights and sounds from the original 1966 TV series, this version of the Starship Enterprise is rare!

WEEK 1 – “Gotham” Glass signed by Lori Petty

(Ended: Congratulations to John Pizano!)
Petty shows up as “Jeri” in episode 14 of the second season of “Gotham” in what appears to be a mashup of both iconic Joker & Harley imagery.  While her role was short in the epically titled “Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness” episode, perhaps we’ll be seeing more of Jeri in season 3??

Lori Petty is also well known for her roles in: Tank Girl, Point Break, A League of Their Own, and Orange is the New Black.

WEEK 2 – Stay Puft Marshmallow Man signed by Creator Billy Bryan

(Ended: Congratulations to Karriem F!!)
Even if you aren’t familiar with the name “Billy Bryan” there is no doubt you are familiar with his work.  A master at SFX and puppeteering, he is responsible for creating “Ghostbusters'” Staypuft Man and bringing Chucky from “Child’s Play” to life.  Other well known films he’s worked his magic on include “Species” (1 & 2), “Bicentennial Man”, and “The Village.”  We shared a drink with Billy has he told us great stories of past and future films.  Just don’t ask him to comment on the upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot…

WEEK 3 – Classic Colossus Action Figure (not signed)

While this item isn’t signed, it WAS in the presence of Stefan Kapicic, voice of Colossus in “Deadpool.” (That counts for something, right?)  He shared some exciting news with us, but strictly off the record.  We do have something else coming up soon that Stefan helped us with…

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