We had a chance to speak with Tommy Davidson for a few minutes regarding his role in SyFy’s upcoming “Sharknado 4.”  Tommy Davidson is well known for his years on “In Living Color,” “MadTV,” and a variety of voice over work.  He’s also had memorable appearances in films such as “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” and “Black Dynamite.”

TCF: Hello Tommy!  Thanks for joining us.  So, LA, NYC, Washington DC all the way down to Florida…what city gets hit next and will it ever end?!

Tommy Davidson: Of course not, it’ll never end! It will go on forever!  This time they are after everything, all the nice places, Vegas, the Grand Canyon, all of it.

These films seem like a nice way to finance a “Work-cation” and see some nice places…

Yeah, that’s true. I always like to have that one THING to.  That one thing I’ve done, that one Cool thing I’m in.

Well you were in Black Dynamite, that was pretty cool!  

Yes, it was! And the cartoon series too.

Any chance for a sequel to that?  Hollywood keeps churning out sequels that no one really wants, but then when there’s a film you want a sequel too…

Yeah, Maybe.  I see the creator quite often.  He keeps talking, so maybe.

I want to read a quote directly from the press release, and then I have a couple questions on it:  In an unexpected turn, Tommy portrays an ‘Elon Musk”-type billionaire who develops the ultimate hi-tech contraption to save the world.  The first question is: As an “Elon Musk” character, are you considered to be a hero or a villain?

CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP - "Corey Feldman/Tommy Davidson" (ABC/Matt Petit) TOMMY DAVIDSON

Oh, a hero! Definitely!  Elon Musk is doing great things.  Although he’s a villain to the auto industry…

Yes he is.  It’s all a matter of perspective!

He’s doing a lot better than Tucker did!

The second question is: What does it mean by this role/character being an unexpected turn?

It’s because I step up.  I do what needs to be done to save the world. And I do it my way.  I make the ultimate sacrifice.

Oh no, does that mean you won’t make it into future sequels?

I don’t die.  I live through it.  But I create something that saves everyone.  I can’t tell you what it is. Fin may have his chainsaw, but you can’t blame me for putting my own spin on it.

I noticed on the poster artwork, you seem to be wearing some sort of power-suit? Like a low rent Ironman?

Why does it have to be “low-rent?”(laughs)  Yeah, it’s some type of exoskeleton.  You’ll just have to see.


What is it about films that revel in their badness that make people love em so much?  When a film is supposed to be good, but turns out bad, people hate it.  But “bad” (air-quotes) B-movie like “Sharknado” is loved in general.

Well it’s campy, and people like that.  And if you do it well enough, it can be elevated to an art.  Like the “Blob,” have you seen that?  It was campy, but it was good.  Even if you watch it now you’ll see “Hey, this is actually kinda good.”  The remake also, although that was a bit more sinister.   Plus it’s a great idea.  Sharks flying through the air! I wish I had good ideas like that.  If I had gone into the studio and said “I have an idea, Flying Sharks!”  they would have called security.

Well you do have some ventures of your own right now, such as Tongue Tied by Tommy Davidson.  You launched that just a couple months ago, right?

Yes, we launched it a couple months ago. We sell ties, pocket squares, flower lapels.  Each color and style of fabric is named after a different city.  I spent a long time picking everything out, and findings things that looked good.  And they’re affordable too! Everything is around $10-$20 each. So if you want something that looks good, and is good quality for a good price you should check it out.

That sounds great! If someone wanted to purchase something, where should we go? Is there a website?

Yes, you can order from http://www.shoptonguetied.com

For our final question, I have something our readers are very curious about.  They want to know and I think you have the inside knowledge to answer it.

OK I’m ready, what is it?

At the very end of Sharknado 3, it looked like Tara Reid’s character was killed off.  But now she’s showing up on the poster? Is she dead? Did she Survive??

I don’t know!  I can’t say!  I’m glad people want to know, but I really dont know! (laughs)

Awww man, I guess we’ll just have to wait and watch it when it comes out! ( July 31st, 2016 only on SyFy )  Thank you for taking time out of your day to chat with us about Sharknado 4.
Thank you!