imagetwoThey have heart, they have a story to tell. They have a message, they just want to entertain. These are the films that were completed with pride and greeted with rejection by every film festival they were submitted to; too controversial, too confusing or just not what they were looking for. For one night only, the wretched refuse of 15 filmmakers takes to the screen as Full-Figured Productions presents the first edition of ‘A Night of Misfit Films Films.’ The festival will take place November 26th, 2016 at The

[SIC Sense], located at 1902 East McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ 85006. Founded by local filmmaker and actress Dineta Williams-Trigg, A Night of Misfit Films was borne out of a desire “to see more diverse content in the Phoenix community. The festival celebrates the artistic talent of all filmmakers and artists by focusing on original content that has not been screened at other festivals” according to Trigg.

‘A Night of Misfit Films Films’ will present 17 short films by 15 filmmakers, with all but two filmmakers  moncadafrom the Arizona film community. Selections will highlight local as well as female filmmakers, a rarity in most film festival circuits as female filmmakers make up half of the films that will be screening during A Night of Misfit Films. Refreshments will be served, and the festival will begin at 6pm with music provided by the Jazz Combo “Moonlight Magic” and will give all in attendance the opportunity to eat, drink and network.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at (max 50 sold online) or they can be purchased at the door. Any questions regarding the festival should be to directed to Dineta Williams-Trigg at

adventure-buddie-josh-berghoffThe ignominious incarnations selected to screen during A Night of Misfit Films include two films by Douglas Proce: ‘Alone’ featuring indie mainstay Chelsea Claire, and ‘Reflection’ starring Delphine Del Mar. Also screening will be ‘Foile’ a Deux’ by Ernesto Moncada, ‘Aunties’ by Dineta Williams-Trigg, ‘Faithfully’ by Ohio filmmaker Brandon Bernard, ‘An Avant Garde Moment:Take One’ by Kim Wagner Hemmes, ‘The Splinter’ by French filmmaker Carbel Raad, ‘Cotard’s Syndrome’ by Taylour Geiss and ‘The Salvatore’ by Colten Dietz. Rounding out the selections are films made by Arizona filmmakers including ‘SHUUICHI: Son of Vengeance’ by Kevin Kittle, ‘Who is the Mannequin?’ by Nicki Legge, ‘Adventure Buddies’ by Josh Berghoff, ‘Scene of the Crime’ by Jennifer Tristan, ‘Bukkake Perfume Ad’ written by Jo Anna Larson and directed by Jennifer Tristan, ‘Bitch, Please!’ written by Jo Anna Larson and directed by Amy Jean Page, ‘Faust 2’ by Jamie Rivera and the trailer for ‘The Sound of Running Water’ by Suzanne Steinberg.