The frequency Saw Gerrera’s name is dropped in “Rogue One” and the relatively high-profile casting of Forest Whitaker, lends the question, “Should we know who this guy is?”

The answer depends on how big of a Star Wars fan you are.

For the first time in Star Wars cinematic history, a character created for an animated series is being to brought to life on the big screen.  Gerrara is a veteran of the Clone wars, in which he bravely fought for the rights of his fellow citizens on the planet Onderon.  He was brash, impetuous, and impatient, but his most prominent quality was bravery.  His name has been mentioned in Star Wars Rebels and the Claudia Gray novel “Bloodline”   But to see him in action you’ll have to watch what’s known as the “Onderon Arc” in Season 5 of the Clone Wars TV Series.  Starting with episode 2 “A War on Two Fronts” and concluding with episode 5 “Tipping Points“, Saw and his sister are separatists being coached by Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka.

Saw’s appearance in “Rogue One” is considerably difference, and his numerous battles have taken a large toll on his body.  At the very least, his legs have been replaced with cybernetics and he requires the aid of his armor to stay alive.  There’s also the question of his mental health…

According to Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm’s Story Group, Gerrera is actually a character that came directly from Lucas and was to be a part of the ill-fated live-action TV series he was developing.  Says Hidalgo, “He started off before that. George Lucas had him in mind for his live-action TV series that was in development, which ultimately never happened, but he found a place to put Saw into a story in Clone Wars”

You’ll be able to see more of Gerrera when “Rogue One:A Star Wars Story” is released this Friday, December 16!