MrGamez have used the last 20 years of Oscar winners to build profiles of the ideal candidates in each category.

With all eyes on the Oscars, everyone wants to know who’s going to win – and everyone has a few guesses. But for those who prefer a more scientific approach, MrGamez have an interesting infographic that predicts the winners (we’ve embedded the whole infographic below for your viewing).

The piece looks at Best Actor, Actress, Picture, Supporting Actor, Actress, and Director to offer the most likely options for each. The winners of each award since 1995 have been analysed in detail to reveal common characteristics – producing an “Oscar profile”, the perfect candidate for the prize.

There’s no denying it’s an interesting way to predict Oscars.  However, as the Cinema Files’ local awards guru, I can say without a doubt that many of these predictions just aren’t going to pan out.  If I were a betting man, there’s no way in Yuma, Arizona that I would bet on anyone besides Damian Chazelle winning Best Director for La La Land.  Using metrics like this is fun, but is in no way a sure thing. There are always surprises every year, so we’ll see if these metrics accurately predict any of those.

I’m seriously so excited for Sunday night! Do you have any predictions? Let us know either here below.

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(via Mr. Gamez).