Over the weekend we received a large, ominous black envelope.  At first, we had no idea who it was from, but upon closer inspection, the wax seal on the back identified its origin as A24, one of our favorite film distributors.  These are the guys who have delivered films such as Moonlight, Free Fire, Green Room, Ex Machina and Under the Skin!

A sharp blade split the top of the hellish sheath and we peered inside.   There was only a single item…

A greeting card.

With a creepy red door on it.

Red Door

Curiosity battling common sense we opened the card.  There were no written words, only a macabre mural packed with religious imagery, destruction, and death. (no sign of Waldo)  
And then a Dog Barked.
This card had a sound chip.  Click the player below to hear what we did.


We instantly recalled hearing that audio, along with the Red Door, in the teaser for A24s upcoming thriller,   “It Comes At Night
Over the weekend, the Overlook Film Festival hosted a surprise world premiere screening which garnered rave reviews.  Then, early Monday morning, A24 dropped the first full trailer for the film. Check it out below!