“Step” is an inspiring documentary that follows a group of students at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women who are part of a competitive Step Dance team.  The movie is reminiscent of both a high school sports film and a coming of age story, but the characters and events in their lives are all real.  It’s a tale of hope, teamwork, and the battle to overcome obstacles in life.

Shortly before the film’s wide release, I was part of a round-table discussion with Writer/Director Amanda Lipitz, Director of College Counselling Paula Dofat, Step Team Coach Gari McIntyre, and three of the Lethal Ladies of BLSYW, Tayla Solomon, Blessin Giraldo, and Cori Grainger. The ladies had plenty to say about their experiences during the documentary which filmed most of their teenage years, and what they’ve been up to in the year since graduation and how 400 hours of film were boiled down to the 83-minute runtime!

You can listen to the roundtable in its entirety here: