Oh 2017, how you disappointed me. While many of my most anticipated films were quite good, others I ended up loathing. I really think that this year has been a disappointment overall, especially the summer. This is the year when I grew tired of Marvel’s formula and fell out of love with Star Wars. However, I was able to scrounge up 10 movies that I loved. And here they are, in descending order.

P.S. We have a tradition of including our most hated film of the year, so be sure to scroll the bottom and see what that is.

#10: Marshall

I’m a sucker for civil rights dramas, especially if they aren’t too heavy handed. And this one is led by the amazing Chadwick Bosworth with a fantastic supporting cast.

#9: Logan Lucky

I never knew that Adam Driver or Daniel Craig could be this funny. They both shine in this hillbilly heist by the director of Ocean’s Eleven. It’s a really fun ride from start to finish, even if the third act goes on a tad too long.

#8: Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman is such a chameleon, and this film really showcases that.  I honestly questioned whether it was him playing Churchill. It was also a very riveting and informative story.

#7: The Lego Batman Movie

This is the funniest film I’ve seen in many years. From the first frame to the last, I was completely content with this clever children’s comedy. 

#6: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero film since the first Avengers film. It is so earnest and never winks at the camera. It is led by the phenomenal Gal Gadot, with Chris Pine and Robin Wright giving their best supporting performances in years.

#5: The Post

It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg is my favorite filmmaker of all time. Oddly, this is the most restrained he’s been in years.  It’s very understated, by still masterfully told with the finest ensemble cast of the year.

#4: The Man Who Invented Christmas

I know lots of folks didn’t care for this film, but I ate it up.  It is the perfect blend of everything I love: quirky slapstick humor, informative historical storytelling, and brilliant acting.

#3: War for the Planet of the Apes

Although not quite as good as the its predecessor, this is still blockbuster filmmaking at its finest. The visual effects are the best of the year. It is flawless storytelling by director Matt Reeves.

#2: Dunkirk

Watching this for the first in IMAX was an unforgettable experience, and each subsequent viewing has only raised its value in my mind. It’s peak Nolan, one for the ages.

#1: Coco

I haven’t been moved like I was during the third act of Coco in a long time. Every piece of the film works. It is the best animated film since Wreck-it Ralph and the best Pixar film since Toy Story 3.

Worst of 2017: Beauty and the Beast

Disney decided to take my favorite animated film of all time and produce a cheap knock off with bad effects, awful singing and sound design, and terrible acting. It’s not Adam Sandler bad, but it did infuriate me beyond anything else this year (although The Last Jedi was a close second).