If you would have told me 2 years ago that the sequel to the perfectly good film, Paddington, would get a perfect score from me, I would have laughed you out of town.  Yet that’s exactly what has happened.  I couldn’t believe how much I loved it when I walked out the theater. Her are the 6 things I adored about Paddington 2.

  1. It’s very funny. The original Paddington film seemed to let the slapstick humor go on just a tad too long, whereas this one feels just right in the pacing of those scenes.  Much of the humor is also very clever.  The whole cast is hilarious, but Brendan Gleeson and Hugh Grant stand out for their comedic turns here.
  2. It’s inventive. It uses some very inventive storytelling techniques that move the story along.  The use of a popup book is particularly wonderful.
  3. The script is wonderful. From the structure of the film to the antagonist, the script for this film is very sharp and efficient.  So much happens yet it never feels rushed.  And everything is paid off at the end splendidly.
  4. It’s unabashed about promoting kindness.  Without giving away too much, it’s amazing how this movie feels like an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, at least in how it teaches kindness at all costs.
  5. It’s fantastically family friendly. It feels like a Pixar film, in that it has something for everyone, without relying on potty humor. There is absolutely nothing to object to about this film.  I fully predict that every member of your family will love it.
  6. It stays true to its franchise.  It seems the trend lately in reboots, remakes, and adaptations is to provide a new spin on a property for a ‘modern’ audience.  I was deeply disappointed with The Last Jedi for this reason.  However, Paddington 2 stays true to its roots and still finds a way to be fresh.  I think that studios should learn from the Paddington franchise: always remain true to what is beloved about a franchise and you will more than likely be more successful.

In conclusion, Paddington 2 is a charmingly perfect family film.  It’s funny, inventive, and moving.  It encourages goodness in all of us.  Its writing and execution are nearly flawless.  I can’t recommend this movie enough to anyone and everyone.