Good or bad, there’s a sense of relief now that the Infamous Snyder Cut has finally been released.

As I pressed play, I wondered what was in store for me. My gut feeling was that it would likely be “better” than the Whedon Version, but at what cost?  Below is a list of thoughts that danced through my mind while I absorbed the pinnacle of DCEU epicness.


  • That’s not how sound works.   You cant hear something on the other side of the Earth!  Even if was possible, imagine the physical force a sound wave that powerful would exert.

  • Gerard Butler should have played Zeus in the opening battle.
  • I miss the Whedon opening Batman rooftop battle.  (Even if the ending of it was stupid)

  • The Color Grading is SO DRAB.  What does Snyder have against a little saturation?

  • Steppenwolf has a personality!
  • Best Part – Seeing more Batfleck and Ezra’s Flash
  • I HATE the 4:3 aspect ratio.  I’ve heard all the “reasons” why Synder chose this, but I still believe it was just to save money on all the new VFX.
  • The effects definitely look better. Even the CGI that doesn’t look great is an improvement.
  • It’s a bit weird that there was zero debate about resurrecting Superman, only slight hesitation right before they do it.
  • It was nice that Batman didn’t bring Lois Lane along specifically to manipulate Superman.
    • The licensed music used never fits the tone of the scene.
    • Wonder Woman’s theme sounds “softened.”  Why!?
    • The score sometimes abruptly shifts tone like a bad DJ.
  • That was a nice surprise cameo… that makes absolutely no sense at all. Why doesn’t that character offer to help until the very end?
  • The Suicide Prevention “Easter Egg” outside of the Flash’s warehouse made me feel uncomfortable.
  • The Pregnancy Test in her nightstand.  Is she pregnant? Does she think she is? How long will she keep it in her nightstand before using it?
  • Why are Batman’s vehicles getting so large and clunky? Is he compensating for something?
  • I guess Batman likes guns/lasers now?
  • I wish we had even more J.K. Simmons Gordon. He’s always fun to watch.
  • There’s no reason for this to be R-Rated.  The F-bombs are gratuitous and all the violence is videogame level CGI.
  • Did I mention I HATED the 4:3 aspect ratio?
  • The Epilogue was a collection of post-credit scenes teasing things we’ll never get to see.  What’s the point?
  • The opening action sequence in episode 1 of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is better than anything in this movie.