You’re invited to a virtual screening of the newest Tyler Perry film



Virtual screening on Tuesday, February 22nd via an appointment viewing starting at 8:30PM (ET).

RSVP here

RSVP Instructions:

  1. Click the Eventbrite link and review the virtual screening information.
  2. Register for a virtual screening pass.
    1. The screening is virtual, so you can watch at home or wherever you have a computer/smart device with access to internet and email.
  3. On Feb. 22 before the screening starts at 8:30pm (ET), Netflix will send an email with the link to join the virtual screening lobby.
    1. There will likely be a reminder email from Eventbrite about the virtual screening. This is NOT where the link will come from; it will be sent by Netflix directly! Check your spam/junk folder in case the Netflix email got stuck in there.