“Fresh” (2022) is a brilliant, razor-sharp satire, about what it’s like for women trying to date these days.  Even a man who seems to be a “good guy” may see the woman as little more than a piece of meat.

Writer and Director craft a fresh (sorry) take on the horrors of dating and cannibalism. Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) hasn’t had much luck in romance.  The men she meets are nauseatingly self-centered.  Eventually, she meets the refreshingly charming Steve (Sebastian Stan).  He invites her on a trip out-of-town, and although she wouldn’t normally accept, how often does one meet a legit good man?  Unfortunately for our heroine, Steve is just as bad as the rest, he just expresses it in a more shocking manner.  It’s not long until Noa finds herself locked up with a few other women in Steve’s secret pantry.  He occasionally visits to remove their flesh and either sells it on the black market or cooks a gourmet meal.

The film toys with our expectations a bit.  Steve may feel differently about Noa than the rest of the women he’s butchered.  Is she special to him?  What does being special mean to someone who still considers you to be more of a resource than a human?  Is Steve leading a secret life?  There’s a secondary character who knows some of these women might be in danger?  Will he swoop in and be the white knight they need?

Sure, these stories have been told before, but the nuances the feminine eye brings to this story elevates it to something unique.  It’s upsetting, clever, sharp, and has something to say.

Fresh (2022)