Review: “Five Nights at Freddy’s”

As someone who has played nearly every game that a movie has been based on, it was refreshing to watch "Five Nights at Freddy's" with only minimal knowledge of the source material.  The game series is relatively simple in nature.  The player assumes the role of a lone overnight security guard tasked with watching over [...]

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Review: ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

A struggle exists in man; that struggle is not always good against evildoers. Humans have always wanted something more than they have. That ‘want’ is something intrinsic to our nature. In the case of Martin Scorsese’s latest epic, Killers of the Flower Moon, there is a certain irony in the use of the word struggle. [...]

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Review: ‘Butcher’s Crossing’

If the myths behind Nicolas Cage are to be believed, no movie with the actor in the lead is bad. Cage carries a fun and spritely attitude to any role he inhabits. As Miller, in Butcher’s Crossing, the bison trapper is as much a myth as the actor is. In all his glory, complete with [...]

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Peoria Film Fest: A Weekend Celebration of Independent and Classic Cinema

Film festivals give audiences a chance to sample up-and-coming films. Though they run throughout the year on a global scale, the globe comes to Arizona on several occasions, including the upcoming 5th annual Peoria Film Fest, starting Thursday, October 19th, and running through Sunday, October 22nd, at the Harkins Arrowhead Fountains theater with the Arizona [...]

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Win passes to the Peoria FIlm Festival

THE 2023 PEORIA FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTED BY THE CITY OF PEORIA RETURNS THIS OCTOBER. Enter to Win Festival Passes:  The Peoria Film Festival, part of The Phoenix Film Festival, and presented by the City of Peoria, will be returning for its 5th year this fall, from Thursday, October 19th – Sunday, October 22nd at the Harkins [...]

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Phoenix Screening – DICKS: THE MUSICAL

Join is for the advanced screening from A24 of DICKS: THE MUSICAL Wednesday, October 11th Majestic Theaters Tempe 7:00pm Rated R Link to RSVP: Two self-obsessed businessmen (writers Aaron Jackson & Josh Sharp) discover they’re long-lost identical twins and come together to plot the reunion of their eccentric divorced parents, in this riotously funny and [...]

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Review: ‘The Exorcist: Believer’

Fifty years ago, director William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty scared and thrilled audiences with The Exorcist, an eerie, thought-provoking film featuring Ellen Burstyn. “It’s an excellent day for an exorcism,” echoed through that film’s box office run in late 1973 and all throughout 1974, challenged only by Titanic in 1997, having spawned two sequels [...]

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