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Movie Review: ‘The Wolf and the Lion’

Alma (Molly Kunz) is a twenty-something with a bright future. She is musically gifted, and when we first meet her in Gilles de Maistre’s "The Wolf and the Lion," we sense she is seeking something else, something not currently a part of her present. Despite the beautiful music, de Maistre’s opening feels hurried, rushed. There [...]

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Movie Review: Scream (2022)

Walking out of the fifth iteration of the Scream series, now in theaters, my gut had an “uh-oh” feeling. No, it wasn’t the scares that upset my stomach. It certainly wasn’t the characters either. I can’t blame the popcorn because I didn’t have any, nor the fact that I actively avoided the genre until about [...]

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Movie Review: ‘A Hero’

Writer-director Asghar Farhadi came to my attention a few years ago with his intense dramas, The Salesman and Everybody Knows. A fascination developed with the director's eye toward the respective film's subjects and their environments. In his latest film, A Hero, Farhadi’s lens expertly captures anxious chaos in historic Shiraz, Iran, and in his character, [...]

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Review: American Underdog

The mere mention of “football” comes with aggressive, greedy, excited eyes; reminders of Sunday-morning tailgates, Saturday afternoon college games, and the illustrious legions of fans rallying behind their favored teams in annual, season-ending championship games. None of this would be possible without the passion, vigor, and interpersonal strength that comes with being a player. At [...]

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Movie Review: Sing 2

Illumination has made its business telling beautifully animated stories; vocals are as animated as the images on the screen. Story-wise, they peaked with the nefariousness of Gru and his minions in the first "Despicable Me." Villains haven't become as fun-loving since Gru. However, Illumination reached deep into their soul (no pun intended, Pixar), and in [...]

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Review: “Swan Song”

Swan Song “Swan Song” boldly takes an age-old, mortal question, sets it in the near future, and asks what we would do if we were faced with the same set of circumstances. Mahershala Ali’s riveting performance supports director Benjamin Cleary’s story, finding a different vantage point from which to tell an oft-told tale. Cameron Turner [...]

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Review: ‘National Champions’

National Champions The gridiron. Where men come to compete for the ultimate supremacy; a modern duel of titans where one false move can cost you the competition. Or even a championship. Skill and strategy rue the day. No matter how good you think you are, there has never been a better test of mettle than [...]

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Review: Disney’s Encanto

It’s hard to imagine that 83 years, 11 months ago, Walt Disney pioneered animated films with his first, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” a film that reflects on family, on wishes, on princesses, on desires, on fairy tale endings. For its sixtieth animated film comes Byron Howard and Jared Bush's "Encanto," now in cinemas. [...]

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Review: tick, tick….BOOM!

Lin-Manuel Miranda has had a solid year in 2021 as he transitions from theater to film. First, it was with “In the Heights,” based on his stage play. Next, the upcoming “Encanto,” Disney’s 60th animated film for which he contributed musical numbers. Now, from Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Netflix, comes "tick, tick . . [...]

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Review: Belfast

Belfast This statement will sound like a generality and is intentional, but in every Kenneth Branagh film I've seen, there is a child-like naivete that emerges; humor guided through the lens of experience. However, his stories also peer out of that same lens to offer a unique view of the worlds he invites us in [...]

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