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Bill has been covering independent film since 2010. A frequent guest at film festivals, Bill also judges several film competitions. Bill also provides a weekly radio segment "Piercing Reviews" on Independent Artists Radio hosted by Windy West.

‘The Covenant’ – Lucifer springs internal in AZ indie horror

Director Robert Conway presented his latest horror film 'The Covenant' at a free screening on Saturday. Held at Sun Studios in Tempe, the screening provided an opportunity for cast, crew and the general public to view Conway's latest film before becoming available on VOD February 7. Leukemia suffering Elisabeth (Amelia Haberman) drowns in the bathtub and [...]

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‘A Million Happy Nows’ – A thousand tears later

Daytime Emmy winning actress Lainey Allen (Crystal Chappell) is feeling the strain of maintaining her long running soap opera. Keeping up with her young co-stars cranks the frustration up a few degrees, and now she is finding it much more difficult to remember her lines. After 20 years as a daytime soap star, Lainey decides [...]

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A Night of Misfit Films – Rejected reels take their last gasp at new film festival

A Night of Misfit Films presented an intentionally odd assortment of films selected by festival creator and host Dineta Williams-Trigg. The films consisted of the ignominious incarnations of several local and otherwise out of town filmmakers that had (according to the filmmakers) been rejected by every film festival they submitted them to; films so ponderous in [...]

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Arizona Filmmaker Showcase December – Wheels and heels, spirits and speculators

Remnants - David Ugarte Homicide detectives Fenter (Hugh McRae Jr.) and Chinaski (Terrance Roundtree) team up with no nonsense Medical Examiner Poe (Tonya Adamski) to investigate a grisly Phoenix homicide. There’s gore oozing everywhere and the responding rookie officer Hunt (Reavis Dorsey) is about as helpful as a roll of Quilted Northern in a septic [...]

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ASU Fall 2016 Capstone Films – Kimchi queens and eight bit dreams

No year would be complete without an evening of ASU Capstone films. The 2016 ASU Fall Capstone showcase presented by the ASU Film and Media Program (FMP) provided some new and unique perspectives in the ASU student films and certainly a heavy emphasis on stylized filmmaking. Whereas before the Capstones seemed to be lightly interwoven [...]

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Film festival rejects find a home at ‘A Night of Misfit Films’

They have heart, they have a story to tell. They have a message, they just want to entertain. These are the films that were completed with pride and greeted with rejection by every film festival they were submitted to; too controversial, too confusing or just not what they were looking for. For one night only, [...]

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‘Murderess’ – Puppets tell story of famous Phoenix murder

There are many bizarre crime stories that have taken place in Phoenix that are crying out to be made into a movie, and the tale of the notorious "Trunk Murderess" Winnie Ruth Judd certainly ranks way up there in the top 10 (Hinman kidnapping is number one in my book, sorry). 85 years ago this Sunday; [...]

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‘Blood of the Tribades’- Lesbian vampires fight and frolic in erotic horror

It’s Friday night at Comicon 2016 and i’m already buckling under the peer pressure. ‘Jaws’ is screening at exactly the same time as an east coast indie that I really want to see; ‘Blood Of The Tribades’ directed by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein. Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb will be in attendance to introduce ‘Jaws’ and I feel [...]

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Arizona Filmmaker Showcase September – Burdens laid down by the river side

The films selected to screen at last Sunday’s Arizona Filmmaker Showcase were evenly split right down the middle; two very serious films and two comedies, with one nature film to even out the mix. Hosted by Matt Robinson of 'The Dark Of The Matinee,' The Arizona Filmmaker Showcase takes place every last Sunday of the month at [...]

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‘Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?’ – Sexy gun control comedy returns to Arizona

After winning both the Audience Choice and Directors Choice awards for 'Best Comedy Feature' at the 22nd Sedona International Film Festival, the next stop for the indie film 'Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?' was (naturally) the Phoenix Film Festival, where the racy comedy directed by Matt Cooper once again entertained audiences during a [...]

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