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Dan is a Software Engineer by day and a part-time Film Reviewer by night. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has been writing for The Cinema Files since its inception. His favorite directors are Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon, and Gavin O'Connor.

Review: “Infinity Train: Volume One”

Although we haven’t been able to review many movies these days because of theaters being closed, we have been able to review some other pieces of media such as Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train: Book One, which was released on DVD and Digital on April 21, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Cartoon Network is known for [...]

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Film Review: “Sonic the Hedgehog”

With every release of a movie based on video game the question is often asked “is this the one that breaks the video game movie curse?” The video game movie curse is the phenomenon where there haven’t been any movies based on video games that have been genuinely great. And actually a majority are terrible [...]

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Interview with Jacob Shea, Composer for BBC’s “Seven Worlds, One Planet”

Greetings, fellow film fans! This week I was able to the composer Jacob Shea, whose credits include many of the BBC documentary nature series like Blue Planet II, Planet Earth II, and their most recent Seven Worlds, One Planet. We talked about how he got started, his process, and his collaboration with the infamous Hans Zimmer. If you haven't listened [...]

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Dan’s Top 10 Films of the Decade (2010s)

the 2010's really have been an amazing decade for film. It's the decade when the superhero film reached its peak, the adult drama almost died, Pixar lost its way and found itself again, Disney animation began a second renaissance, and the #MeToo movement changed Hollywood forever. Let me explain. This really is the decade of [...]

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Interview with Alfonso G Aguilar, Composer of the Netflix Animated Feature “Klaus”

Alfonso G Aguilar is a great composer that is just now getting notoriety with his brilliant score for Netflix's Klaus. I had the great opportunity to interview him over Skype. He currently resides in Spain. D: How did you get into the film scoring business? A: I've been studying music since I remember. Since I was a [...]

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Review: “Frozen II”

I have very distinct memories of my first time watching Frozen. I was a scattered snowstorm of emotions. I loved the music so much that I was actively angry that the soundtrack wasn't being released for another week. Yet, it's hard to ignore that despite breathtaking animation and brilliant music, the script was less than stellar.  [...]

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Review: “Abominable”

In the past year I have seen three different movies that have all tried to capture the magic of the original How to Train Your Dragon film. The first was Bumblebee, which made my top ten list last year. The second was How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (my review of it can be read here), which, while [...]

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Film Review: “Downton Abbey”

It was such an odd experience, sitting in the theater watching Downton Abbey with a crowd of other Downtonians. Like many people, I've only ever watched Downton Abbey either by myself or with one other person. The raucous laughter that erupted often throughout the screening felt very strange, mostly because Downton isn't considered a comedy [...]

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