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Jeffrey Wang is a film critic for The Cinema Files. Jeffrey has also published two books--Letters From Beyond and The Mating Game. He enjoys films of all genres, but particularly international films and mafia/gangster films.

Film Review: Family Romance, LLC

The German filmmaker Werner Herzog has always been interested in exploring non-Western based cultures, within his larger interest in the tumultuous relationship between nature and man. With his film “Family Romance, LLC” (2019), which is set in Japan with Japanese actors speaking in their own native language, Herzog has once again created a fascinating portrayal [...]

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Film Review: Farewell Amor

The immigrant experience has been explored before in film, but “Farewell Amor” (2020) takes the cinematic depiction of immigration to new artistic heights. “Farewell Amor” is the feature debut of the Tanzanian-American filmmaker Ekwa Msangi, and it is an astonishingly assured film that recalls the domestic dramas of such cinematic giants as Yasuiro Ozu and [...]

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Film Review: The Power of the Dog

Throughout her filmmaking career, Jane Campion has always examined the theme of societal repression and its effects on an individual, whether it be through the lens of sexuality or psychological issues. While her previous films focused on female characters and their experiences, Campion switches to the male perspective with her staggeringly powerful film “The Power [...]

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Joe Badon Interview: Director and Writer of “Sister Tempest”

In an age when so many major films have escalating budgets that rely on soulless, artificial digital CGI effects to tell their stories, it is refreshing when a micro-budget film like Sister Tempest arrives to remind us of the exciting possibilities still inherent in cinematic storytelling. Using a budget that is only a fraction of [...]

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Film Review: Don’t Look Up

Adam McKay started out in the field of comedy, beginning as a writer for Saturday Night Live, then making a series of successful slapstick comedy feature films, including the two “Anchorman” films and “Step Brothers.” Then, as oftentimes happens with comedy directors, McKay ventured into the genre of drama and made more topical films with [...]

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Film Review: Parasite

Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” (2019) is like the wild and crazy evil twin of Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Shoplifters.” Both films deal with a family in poverty who resort to extreme measures to survive, but their cinematic methods are polar opposites. While “Shoplifters” is a quiet and subtle film, “Parasite” is a rapidly paced and boisterous dark comedy/thriller. [...]

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Film Review: An Elephant Sitting Still

It’s rare for a filmmaker to create a masterpiece with their first film. Most filmmakers, from Martin ScorseseMartin Scorsese to David Cronenberg, had to develop their craft with their first few films before making their first great film. The most famous exception to this was Orson Welles, who astonished the cinema world with his classic [...]

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Film Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Throughout his career, Wes Anderson has steadily developed and honed his distinctive voice as an accomplished visual stylist and sly satirist in the tradition of Ernst Lubitsch. With “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” Wes Anderson created his most fully realized portrait yet about the follies and joys of the human condition. With its baroque mise-en-scene and [...]

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Film Review: Sister Tempest

The astonishing film “Sister Tempest” is not for the faint of heart, nor for those with limited imagination. Instead, if you crave films that will sever your carotid arteries, as well as warm up your still beating heart, then the absolutely gonzo and brilliant filmmaker Joe Badon has created something that will satisfy your love [...]

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Film Review: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

When one watches a Zack Snyder film, you have to know what to expect as a viewer. You're not going to be seeing an intense Martin Scorsese-like drama about sin and redemption, or a Godardian critique of capitalist society. Instead, as exemplified in previous Snyder films like “Sucker Punch,” “Man of Steel,” and “300,” you're [...]

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