‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Sells Integrity, Inspiration, Romance

Romantic comedies are a tricky genre to pull off these days; they’re either honey-suckle-sweet or overly ambitious in the comedy department. In short, rom-com stories can be inconsistent in what they’re trying to say. On the other hand, audiences have become very fickle toward rom-coms. Fortunately for Fly Me to the Moon, director Greg Berlanti [...]

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Review: “Despicable Me 4” is decent

Introduction It’s been a wild ride for the Despicable Me franchise over the years. None of the films ever got to a Pixar level (although even some of their films have disappointed as of late). However, there’s no denying how ridiculously popular they are. They have all been profitable, with almost all of them making [...]

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Film Review: ‘Janet Planet’

In recent years, a trend has emerged within filmmakers who seek to make a strong emotional point through their stories. Depending on the subject, these stories can either come at you all at once or slowly unfold in front of the audience. Intent exists within these two choices and if the creatives have done their [...]

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Review: “Kinds of Kindness”

Yorgos Lanthimos latest creation, "Kinds of Kindness," is an anthology described as a "triptych fable," which follows characters in three unique stories where each experiences different forms of kindness.  Efthimis Filippou, who co-wrote "The Killing of a Sacred Deer," "The Lobster," and "Dogtooth," once again teams up with Yorgos to pen this surreal journey.  Each [...]

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Film Review: ‘The Bikeriders’

Reflecting on writer-director Jeff Nichols’ filmography (Mud, Midnight Special, Loving), one can’t help but think about his tendency for stories that naturally and slowly build their tensions up with fully realized characterizations that lead their stories, rather than the stories leading the characters. Nichols’ latest, The Bikeriders exceptionally continues this trend. Inspired by a 1967 [...]

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Review: “Thelma” is Just so Charming

Intro An old alternative birthday song has the line, “One year older and wiser, too.” While it’s true that each year we age we (hopefully) gain wisdom, that wisdom is also only earned by each year or stage of life offering unique challenges. Writer/director Josh Margolin’s new film, Thelma, explores some of these challenges in [...]

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Review: “Inside Out 2” is Fantastic

Intro It's no secret that Pixar has been in a bit of a slump, both creatively and financially. They haven't had a financial "hit" since 2019 with Toy Story 4 (which I still dislike). It arguably hasn't had a genuinely great film since 2020's Onward (my favorite film of that year). There are lots of theories as [...]

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Review: “A Quiet Place: Day One”

In 2018, John Krasinski brought us the first installment in what would become the "A Quiet Place" series.  It was a near-perfect film and a testament to Krasinski's multifaceted talent.  When a sequel was quickly announced, I was a little disappointed. Why dilute such a great film by immediately greenlighting a follow-up cash grab?  I [...]

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Review: ‘For Love & Life: No Ordinary Campaign’

We often live our lives as events unfold, with these events either being a result of choice or not. That is a stunningly simple statement regarding the human condition that is not fully justified, however, it also speaks to how we interact with other people. When thinking about Christopher Burke’s For Love & Life: No [...]

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