Review: “Thirteen Lives”

Ron Howard has proven to be adept at telling human interest stories. Stories that capture actual life events in far more controlled environments. His latest, Thirteen Lives, hits Prime Video today after spending an Oscar-qualifying week in selected theaters. Thirteen Lives is the biographical story of the 2018 events of a junior football team and [...]

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Review: “Bullet Train” (2022)

"Bullet Train" has all the ingredients for a fun ride.  It's helmed by stuntman-turned-director David Leitch who also brought us "John Wick,"  "Atomic Blonde," and "Deadpool 2".  It's an adaptation of the best-selling Japanese novel "Maria Beetle" written by Kôtarô Isaka. And it has an exceptional cast, led by Brad Pitt, Brian Tyree Henry, and [...]

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Review: “Prey” (2022)

We've often seen studios dump films directly to their streaming platforms when they think they have a dud on their hands.  "Prey" hasn't had much marketing, and it is only available for viewing on Hulu streaming, so it would be easy to think this is another throw-away title in the franchise.  But make no mistake, [...]

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Film Review: “Domains”

“Domains” (2019), directed by Natsuka Kusano, is an innovative and startling examination of the nature of performance in cinema. A single plot summary cannot encompass the many ways in which Kusano dissects the multiple layers of the cinematic medium in her groundbreaking film. “Domains” is about the various degrees of truth and perception which film [...]

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Movie Review: “Not Okay”

I want to lash out at Quinn Shephard's "Not Okay" now on Hulu. I want to lash out because Danni Sanders, played by Zoey Deutch, is me. Ironically, she's all of us. Too afraid to live, too scared to move, too afraid to . . . . insert any other adjective that intrinsically breathes any [...]

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Review: “DC League of Super-Pets”

In a time in the not too distant past my friends would regularly ask me about whether an upcoming or recently released superhero film was DC or Marvel. However, now it's not nearly as ambiguous; the term "MCU" (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has entered the cultural zeitgeist and people know exactly which side of the comics [...]

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Review: “NOPE”

As Hollywood continues to lean towards cinematic homogenization, it's a rare treat when a director can make something unique and genuinely from their heart.  It's usually only the auteurs who are given those chances.  "NOPE", being only the third film Jordan Peele has written and directed, establishes him in that elite club.   Like a mad [...]

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Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Review

More is not always better, especially in films. In fact, I would say that it's more often than not the opposite case. George Lucas thought he constantly had to outdo himself and kept adding plot lines for the audience to follow to each sequel's third act (culminating in 3 for Return of the Jedi and The Phantom [...]

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Review: “Minions: the Rise of Gru”

I love the decade of the 1970's which has some of my favorite films and certainly my favorite genre of music, disco (excluding the genre of film scores). And the second prequel film from Illumination's Despicable Me franchise is jam-packed with both the music and references to the movies of my favorite decade. And while the [...]

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