Review: “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”

In 2019 the first "Shazam!" introduced us to one of the sweetest heroes of the DCEU.  In a world filled with incredibly angsty superhumans, Billy Batson, his magic-infused alter-ego, and supportive family are some of the most likeable characters DC has offered up in years.  It was a breath of fresh air in an already [...]

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Review: “Creed III”

After six Rocky and two Creed movies, is there any more story left to tell in "Creed III?"  Apparently, there is, but it feels so familiar you'll swear you've already seen this one before. Life has turned out pretty great for Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan).  After securing his world heavyweight champion title, Adonis has [...]

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Review: “Cocaine Bear”

The true story of the real "Cocaine Bear" is surprisingly anticlimactic.  Thankfully for us, writer Jimmy Warden and director Elizabeth Banks chose not to make a documentary, but an off-the-rails comedy gore-fest that is only inspired by the basic details.  In the fall of 1985, drug smugglers threw out millions of dollars' worth of cocaine.  [...]

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Review: “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”

It seems strange that Phase 5 of the MCU would introduce one of the most powerful and cold-hearted villains by having him go head-to-head with the goofiest of the Avengers.  I had hoped with the excellent cast assembled, and all-knowing Fiege pulling the strings, "Quantumania" would surprise us with some bold moves.  Unfortunately, my intrigue [...]

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Movie Review: “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”

If I were a part of Warner Brothers’ test audience for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third entry in Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy, I'd probably have strongly reacted to it too. Oh, wait. I did have a strong, visceral reaction to it! Channing Tatum returns as the titular character, now a retired stripper in Miami doing [...]

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Review: “The Amazing Maurice”

My wife and I have an almost contest that we do when we go to a movie these days. We don’t really compete against each other per se, we just stare in incredulous shock as we count the amount of production companies/studios are involved in the making of a film. Before watching The Amazing Maurice, [...]

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Review: “80 for Brady”

It is with a certain sense of irony that famed NFL quarterback Tom Brady recently announced his retirement from the NFL for a second time. It comes on the eve of the release of 80 for Brady. They were not timed together, to be sure. Paramount's marketing efforts timed Kyle Marvin’s film ahead of the [...]

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Review: “Knock at the Cabin”

The master of the twist, M. Night Shyamalan, is back with his best film since 2016's "Split."  That's not a very high bar considering his last two features were "Old" and the incredibly disappointing "Glass."  Shyamalan shares the screen writing credit for "Knock at the Cabin" with Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman, who adapted the [...]

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Movie Review: “Missing”

June Allen defines a modern teenager: as resourceful, adept, technology-centric, cunning, and fearless. The character will need all of her faculties as she tries to find her missing mom in Nick Johnson’s and Will Merrick’s riveting Missing, now in theaters. June, played by Storm Reid, is your typical, rambunctious, and rebellious teenager living in Los [...]

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Movie Review: “Plane”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome aboard Trailblazer flight 119. If you’re looking for a flight full of adventure, Plane is your movie. If you’re looking for drama or action, Plane is your movie, though we might encounter some rough air there. Please ensure that your seats are upright and tray tables are stowed. Sit back, relax [...]

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