Television Review: “Pachinko: Season One”

Although many of us are familiar with the story of immigrants moving to the United States of America, a topic which hasn’t been explored as much in American media are the stories of immigrants between international countries. Created by Soo Hugh and directed by Kogonada and Justin Chon, the television series adaptation of Min Jin [...]

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Review: “Moon Knight”

Once again it's time for Marvel to pluck one of its lesser-known characters and reveal to a greater audience just how cool they are.  This time, it's in the form of "Moon Knight," a man who suffers from both dissociative identity disorder and possession by an ancient Egyptian deity. This six-part limited series on Disney+ [...]

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Review: “Hawkeye”

The first two episodes of the eight-episode limited series "Hawkeye" drop on Disney+ this Wednesday. (Or late Tuesday night, depending on your time zone)   Each of the MCU limited series has had a unique flavor and "Hawkeye" continues this tradition but goes in a direction many might not expect.  And although the first two episodes [...]

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Review – “American Gods”

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” is finally premiering Sunday night, April 30th on STARZ.   That statement will either fill you with excitement or curiosity depending on if you are familiar with the 2001 award winning novel it is based on or not.  Reviewing the series is tricky, as the information to properly critique it varies [...]

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Review: “Westworld” (2016)

The past twelve months have set a new record in reboots, remakes, and decade late sequels.  Regardless of the money thrown at of these IPs, and occasionally in spite of it, virtually every one of these fresh reduxes has been disappointing at best.  The common thread seems to be a reliance on nostalgic fans showing [...]

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Watch the new pilot for Fox’s new show for “Second Chance”

Although I can't say that this show will do well as a series, the pilot is worth your time.  Second Chance is a fairly grounded science fiction redemption drama that mostly works.  It is available to watch now on Hulu and Youtube.  I've embedded the whole pilot episode below. REVIEW: The mid-season cancellations have happened, and [...]

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