“The Mummy” Zero-G Stunt in VR

Regardless of what you thought of "The Mummy", everyone seems to agree that the Zero-G plane crash scene was pretty incredible.  Even more impressive is that this was almost entirely a practical stunt, shot over the course of 64 takes aboard what's been dubbed the "Vomit Comet." To fully appreciate what went into this stunt, you [...]

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LEGION M – The First Fan Owned Movie Studio (Interview)

While at the 2016 Phoenix ComicCon we had the opportunity to talk with Paul Scanlan, one of the founders of LEGION M, a company that is being labeled as "The First Fan Owned Entertainment Studio."   Scanlan, and co-founder Jeff Annison, already have a number of successful ventures under their belt, including the New York Rock [...]

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“The Conjuring 2” 360 Experience!

Enter the Hodgson’s house from the upcoming film THE CONJURING 2 and experience the true terror of the Enfield haunting in 360 video. Please note for mobile users; viewing 360 content requires the use of the Facebook or YouTube Mobile Apps and does not work with mobile browsers. Facebook 360: https://www.facebook.com/TheConjuringMovie/videos/vb.225980604130526/1095887210473190/?type=2&theater YouTube 360: https://youtu.be/A6aRkhlqWuE Samsung [...]

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A Few Minutes at the Phoenix Film Festival (360 Video)

We can't show you the films that were playing there, but we can show you what it's like to spend a few minutes at the festival in the 360° video below. Once loaded, you can use the mouse or your phone to look in any direction! We also take you inside the "Party Pavilion" tent [...]

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