Arizona Filmmaker Showcase May: Film festival rewind

The May Arizona Filmmaker Showcase presented three films that had previously screened at the Phoenix Film Festival in April, along with two other films that were screened only the night before at the Short Shorts with Short Leash outdoor film festival. The Amazing Mortimer – Directed by Phil Wilson Old ventriloquist Mortimer (Greg Joseph) entertains an audience [...]

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2017 Phoenix Film Festival – Arizona Shorts A

Disciple - Directed by: Bob Reynolds A boy gets his soccer ball stolen by bullies, and his abusive dad is having none of it. He takes the tyke out back and using a baseball bat on a tree, demonstrates how to effectively beat the crap out of a bully to get his stuff back. With [...]

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‘IMperfect’ – Peering through the microscope of life with visceral scrutiny

Local filmmaker Ryan Thomas Andersen has completed his long anticipated feature ‘IMperfect’ and premiered his film to a sold out audience at the 2017 Phoenix Film Festival. If you’re not familiar with Andersen’s story, he is the filmmaker who won the 2014 ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ commercial competition with his ‘Time Machine’ entry. After writing [...]

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Arizona Filmmaker Showcase January – Shady shaved innocence bleeds alone

The first Arizona Filmmaker Showcase of 2017 took place the last Sunday of January with five films screening at Filmbar Phoenix. If there was any underlying theme tying these films together it was too subtle for anyone to notice. Some films never die while others find new life at the Arizona Filmmaker Showcase. Be sure [...]

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‘The Covenant’ – Lucifer springs internal in AZ indie horror

Director Robert Conway presented his latest horror film 'The Covenant' at a free screening on Saturday. Held at Sun Studios in Tempe, the screening provided an opportunity for cast, crew and the general public to view Conway's latest film before becoming available on VOD February 7. Leukemia suffering Elisabeth (Amelia Haberman) drowns in the bathtub and [...]

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‘Speak No Evil’: Tongue-less tots terrorize trailer town

Four years after the release of his first feature film “Deadfall Trail,” (the first film I ever reviewed for local indie director Ro Ze returns to the big screen with the feature length horror film “Speak No Evil.” The film was shot entirely in Arizona with a cast and crew comprised mainly of local [...]

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