Review: “Father Stu”

"Father Stu" is a biopic based on the tumultuous life of Stuart Long, a man who went from a semi-successful heavyweight boxer, to a mostly-failed actor, to a beloved yet blunt Catholic Priest. Mark Wahlberg originally announced this project back in 2016, but it has had a long journey from concept to screen, and only [...]

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Review: “Neruda”

“Neruda” – How do you make a film about a complex, iconic and larger-than-life figure and successfully illustrate him or her into an effective and satisfying two-hour film experience?  The short answer is: not very easily.  Director Pablo Larrain, however, has marvelously accomplished this feat twice within the last year. Larrain, who is from Chile, [...]

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Review: “Jackie”

“Jackie” – “The only routine with me is no routine at all.” – Jackie Kennedy Director Pablo Larrain’s new film about Jacqueline Kennedy, “Jackie”, deliberately strays from routine biopic patterns in a fascinating, almost experimental, look at the former first lady during the days after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.   Leading up to [...]

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