Review: “Violent Night”

'Tis the season for holiday movies to flood theaters and streaming channels.  Once again there is a glut of cheesy, by-the-numbers Hallmark specials, a few genre-mashing oddballs, and faithful re-runs of all-time classics.  But this year we've been gifted "Violent Night," the best Christmas movie since "Die Hard." Director Tommy Wirkola must enjoy shooting blood on [...]

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Review: “Spirited”

The last few years have left us all wanting change. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn't happen without sacrifice. These characteristics are what make possibilities so enlightening during the holidays. Yet, we're afraid, for whatever reason, to change. It takes risk, spirit, and above all else, courage to make a change. Someone once [...]

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Review: “Krampus”

'Krampus' does not grant enough horror or comedy wishes "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch." Decades after first watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”, this familiar lyric from the famous song still plays in my head every December.   The Grinch – a brilliant Dr. Seuss creation – carries himself as the ultimate Christmas baddy with [...]

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