Review: ‘Dumb Money’

In its illustrious past, Hollywood has turned financial turmoil in the news into fictionalized and often sensationalized film stories. Whichever side of the economic or political spectrum your laurels rest upon, some of those stories have been good (Wall Street, The Big Short, Margin Call) while others have struggled to lift off the ground (All [...]

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Movie Review: ‘Cruella’

An interesting thought occurred to me as I sat down to watch Craig Gillespie’s “Cruella.” I am not a studied acolyte of the works of Dodie Smith. Or of Bill Peet’s animated classic, let alone Glenn Close’s two turns as the nefarious Cruella de Vil. So, it would seem natural that my indoctrination to this [...]

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Review: “The Finest Hours”

Shame on Disney for taking a heroic true story and drowning it in cartoonish accents and unlikable characters. On February 18th, 1952, a massive storm hit the North Eastern coast of the US, snapping not one, but TWO oil tankers in half.  The Fort Mercer was the first, and was able to issue a SOS [...]

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