Review: “Moana”

Ancient Polynesians are considered to be some of the greatest navigators in history.  Without modern equipment or technology, these “Wayfinders” ventured out into the vast unknown sea and colonized various islands.  But nearly two millennia ago there was a  thousand year pause in their explorations.  Neither why they stopped nor resumed is known for sure. [...]

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Interview: Darrin Butters, Character Animator on Disney’s “Moana”

Disney’s latest animated tentpole, "Moana", is opening this Thanksgiving weekend.  The story follows a young Polynesian girl and  her journey across the ocean to enlist the help of demi-god MAUI (played by Dwayne 'THE ROCK' Johnson)  I had the opportunity to sit down with another reporter and interview Darrin Butters, one of the character animators [...]

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