Movie Review: “Barbarian”

If you've been reading my reviews for any length of time or talked with me, you'll doubtless be aware that I grew up without seeing much in the way of Horror films. As I've gotten older, I've found myself drawn into them, and we've had plenty in 2022 already. They're imaginative and inventive in ways [...]

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Movie review: “Detroit”

“Detroit” – The definition of power:  possession of control, authority or influence over others; a controlling group. On July 23, 1967, a group of Detroit policemen raided a private gathering at the Economy Printing Company Building.  In a very public display, white police officers forced their way into the facility and grabbed, mishandled and arrested [...]

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Review: “The Pickle Recipe”

“The Pickle Recipe” – Do you have a legendary family recipe?  Perhaps, it is your grandma’s secret spaghetti sauce or your uncle’s deadly spicy hamburger relish.  It seems like everyone has one such creation sitting on an extended branch of their family tree. In the new movie “The Pickle Recipe”, Grandma Rose (Lynn Cohen) has [...]

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